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Welcome to Galvanize Group

Kids Biz Academy, Galvanize Group was founded with the mission to inspire and develop children to be self-starters so that they can proactively actualize their dreams.


Being the exclusive partner of BizWorld Foundations from Silicon Valley, Galvanize Group allows children in Hong Kong, without the need to travel to Silicon Valley, to experience the entrepreneurship programs so that they can understand more about themselves and the business world.

Silicon Valley
Summer Camp 2023



  • Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer camps for 8 - 14 years old in Hong Kong

  • Students start, fund and run their own company

  • Includes a Kids Sales Bazaar, which every child loves

  • The program has been delivered to over 680,000 students in 100 countries since 1997

  • Mulitple locations

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Ted Talks
Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs
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