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Key Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills 

Learning entrepreneurship changes mindsets, skills and characters. Equip children with an innovator’s eye and a founder’s grit – the skills to excel in any aspect of life. 


Life is never going to be smooth sailing. Even famous entrepreneurs faced rejections all the time. But they never saw failure as the end of the world. They just got back up and kept fighting until success was achieved. 

Lifelong Learning


Entrepreneurs are lifelong learners who always look for solutions and improvements. They foster a growth mindset as they believe they can always learn new things and improve themselves. 



Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and their abilities to reach the finish line in any situation. Confidence helps them to tackle life' s challenges with more certainty and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Sense of Initiative

The power to take ownership of a project without input or guidance through obstacles independently. Determined and with the will and motivation to turn ideas into action,  entrepreneurs are not afraid to accept a new challenge, take the first step and be the pioneer.  


Being attentive, persistence and constant in effort to accomplish a goal. Entrepreneurs are hard workers who love what they do. They work extremely hard and meticulously. They are also patient as they know ‘Rome was not built in a day’.



The ability to understand another person's condition from their perspective. Being able to stand in others' shoes is a vital skill for leadership. True entrepreneurs understand the role of empathy when developing products and people connections. 



The practice of seeing and experiencing problems as opportunities to create solutions. Entrepreneurs believe they can make positive changes with their own effort. Knowing  ‘big challenges breed big rewards’, they focus on finding opportunities for that big reward. 



Creative imagination is a requisite most entrepreneurs use to build their empires. Empowered with the nimble mindsets to learn, unlearn and relearn,  they are able to think outside of the box when solving complex problems. 



Successful entrepreneurs make good use of active listening, persuasion and presentation skills to communicate their points effectively and persuade others to work towards a common goal.

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